Frequently asked questions

How many girls can participate in the YAGA program?

At present, due to financial constraints, YAGA has 30 registered girls under it's program at a club member - mentor ratio of 15:1 per session and we are looking for funding to help scale up the program's reach to more young people in need of empowerment and support.

What is the YAGA program exactly? How are the girls supported?

YAGA has a holistic approach to girl empowerment. Through our unique approach we offer the following support: Psychological and moral support Educational Support Creative and Arts based support Economic support

As a man, how did Smokey come up with a program for girls?

Read Smokey's story here:

If I donate money, what percentage will the girls benefit from?

YAGA keeps 20% of all donations made for overhead and costs attached to the day to day running of the organization. 80% of your donations go directly to the beneficiaries.

Is YAGA a recognized non governmental organization?

Yes, Young and Gifted Africans (YAGA) is registered under the government of Zimbabwe as a local Trust entity, registration number MA0000044, date and year of formal registration 6th Feb 2019.

Who and where is YAGA controlled to ensure that everything with the donations goes to the benefits of the girls and is not abused?

YAGA is run by a board of 4 local Trustees namely Prince Dube (Founder and Director), Misozi Daka (Head of legal), Chenai Dodzo (Head of partnerships and fundraising) and Grace Marufu (Psycho-social support). YAGA's financial records are Audited by Travons Business Solutions,,

How will I be informed about YAGA, how the program is going and developing?

You can sign up to our mailing list and get regular updates of everything YAGA. Sign up here

Is Smokey the main mentor for the programs?

No, Grace Marufu is a registered general, psychiatric and mental health Nurse (RGN/PMHN) specializing in the mental wellbeing of adolescent girls under the Ministry of health and childcare of Zimbabwe. She works directly with the girls and partners with Smokey and other mentors for specific Arts-related programming.